Registered Massage Therapy in Collingwood and Ottawa

Living in Balance offers Registered Massage Therapy and numerous other personalized health and wellness services in Collingwood and periodically in Ottawa, Ontario. Services are provided by Sonya Lee Reimer, RMT, in the Heritage District of Downtown Collingwood in a home-based clinic.

Massage services include Ashiatsu Barefoot, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Traditional Thai, Ayurvedic Indian (head), and Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal). Health and wellness services include Hot Stone Therapy, Acupuncture, Reiki, Yoga Therapy, Exercise Programming, and Community-based Acupuncture (group service).

Your privacy is guaranteed and all shared information is confidential. By law, your consent is required before any services with an RMT. We want to make sure you feel at ease and we have a mutual understanding of your goals before we get started. We determine the best care for you together during your assessment based on your history.

Health and Wellness Services

On-Site Massage Therapy

Living in Balance also offers on-site massage therapy and health and wellness services. House calls are available in Collingwood!

We believe in providing professional mobile services.

Our on-site massage therapy is available by appointment for anyone/clients who are unable to access our home clinic due to mobility or health reasons. Before your appointment, please make enough room in your home, and we'll bring the linens and massage oils.

If you have any questions, please contact Sonya at Living in Balance. Text or e-mail to book your spot early! 705-606-0880

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